NSE Application Fee

There is a $250 non-refundable application fee.

Tuition and Fees

NSE is a tuition-reciprocal exchange program which utilizes two different plans for payment of tuition and fees. The University of Alabama participates in both Plan A (Open) and Plan B (Even) of the NSE program.

  • Plan A: You pay to the host campus the instate tuition and fees directly to that campus.
  • Plan B: You will continue to pay your normal tuition and fees to the University of Alabama. If you currently pay non-resident tuition to the University, you should expect to continue to do so while on exchange.

Room and Meals

If you choose to live on campus at your host university, and you are strongly encouraged to do so in order to experience your host campus to the fullest, you will pay the costs for room and meals directly to the host campus, not to the University of Alabama. You can find cost estimates for all participating institutions through the links at http://nse.org. Costs are subject to change without notice.

Other Fees

Whether you participate under Plan A or Plan B, you will also be expected to pay to your host campus those fees which are assessed as a condition of your enrollment (e.g., laboratory courses, computer and technology courses, art supplies, etc.)

Other Financial Considerations

Expenses related to transportation to and from the host campus, personal expenses, entertainment, and travel and sightseeing opportunities while on exchange are your responsibility.